Desert Dust Cinema Festival

Bryon Garrison

Desert Dust Cinema Festival

LOBO - The fourth Desert Dust Cinema is a two-day, nonprofit film festival that takes place in the ghost town of Lobo, Texas. Lobo is located on US Hwy 90, 16 miles south of I-10 exit 140 (Van Horn).

This year, the festival will take place labor day weekend on Saturday, Sept. 3, and Sunday, September 4. 

 Lobo is a West Texas ghost town that was purchased by some enterprising Germans who happened to be passing through about ten years ago. Since their purchase of the town, named after the Mexican Gray wolf, they have fixed up some of the old houses and eventually began to hold a film festival called Desert Dust Cinema.

The town was originally founded in 1886 and was primarily a railroad stop and a hub for cattle, sheep and goat ranches. When the water supply known as the Van Horn Wells suffered a water table drop the townsfolk left, the last one leaving in 1991.

The short film screening will begin at 8pm on both nights. 

Desert Dust Cinema Festival


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