Conversation With Coach Ryan Stevens 5/26/14

W.D. Barr

I had a chance to ask Coach Ryan Stevens some questions after the first 14 games of the season. He was kind enough to take the time to answer them.

You have seven different starters with wins. Who are your starters after Piard, Cruse and Lemmo? In what order?

Coach Stevens: We actually have a 6 man rotation of Cruse, Lemmo, Piard, Adams, Figliolia and Kennedy. Probably 12 out of the 14 starts have been solid from the rotation up to this point. I hope they all stay healthy and continue to progress and perform. They're a tight group and work hard together while each of them have a good routine they are on.

Are you closer to a set lineup both hitting and fielding or is more experimentation in order?

Coach Stevens: We have an Idea what formulas we'd like to use as much as possible for the season. However, we can put a more speed heavy lineup out there, a power lineup, defensive lineup and a lefty heavy lineup etc. Our team has a variety of weapons at our disposal, with the amount of games we have, its very hard to keep a healthy same lineup out there everyday. We just finished 12 games in 11 Days, so we're a bit road weary and banged up.

My stats have the Cowboy hitters at 94 strikeouts in 13 games. What can be done to cut down this number?

Coach Stevens: We have noticed this and have been working very hard to adjust this weakness as of late. In fact we have been going to the field early to hit extra, and get wiffle ball work in as well at the stadiums here in Arizona. About half of the hitters have been going to cages at the stadium about 11am multiple times this week as well. We have recognized something that needed to be fixed and we are all dedicated to improvement and progression.

8 games in 6 days with 2 doubleheaders on this homestand. Are the double headers 7 innings? If so why?

Coach Stevens: Yes the DH's are 7 Inning games, because of the amount of workload on the pitching staff.

How was your first road trip experience?

Coach Stevens: The road trip has been a very hard grind for us here in Arizona. We have walked away 5-3, and our 3 losses have been all by 1 run I believe. In each of those losses we had the lead and the bullpen faltered a bit, as well as some defensive errors in big spots. Thats ok though, this trip has been a character building experience for this young Cowboy squad and the horizon is bright, I believe, for this talented group of young men.

Who has been the biggest surprise for you thus far?

Coach Stevens: I don't believe anything has been a huge surprise, the talent level has been where I expected with this group of young men and it's fun to see them grow and develop. It has suprised me a bit to see the bullpens struggles here and there, as well as the amount of strikeouts at the plate, but I believe they will fight through it and have a strong season.

How have the players reacted to the long stretches of games?

Coach Stevens: The boys seem to be a bit tired and banged up but they are all committed to taking care of themselves by trying to eat healthy, stretch, hydrate and rest enough.

Any injuries or nagging pains to report?

Coach Stevens: Yes there have been more injuries than Id like, such as groin, foot, elbow, knee and overall bruises from wear and tear. I prefer not to say specifically who is injured, because there is no need to tip our hand to the upcoming opponents.

Thanks Coach for taking the time to answer my questions. We all look forward to talking with you each week during the season and wish you a very successful season. 


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