Big Bend Courier credited in story that gained national attention

Texas Observer comes to Alpine to investigate

Bonnie Block


Patrick Michels of the the Texas Observer, journeyed to Alpine recently for some investigative reporting about the Purple Zone raid and the subsequent hearings. Michels stopped by and visited our offices located on Holland Avenue. Michels has also been a  staff writer and web editor at the Dallas Observer, and a former editor of the Texas Independent.

Michels chronicles how the story went viral, the civil liberty angle and gets quotes from both sides. The Big Bend  Courier is credited for breaking the story,

“On May 21, Garrison’s Big Bend Courier ran a story about the letter, which the actor Wil Wheaton shared on Tumblr later that day. First Amendment scholar and Washington Post blogger Eugene Volokh found the story from there and published a takedown calling Lipsen’s bond conditions 'clearly unconstitutional.' 'The legal system shouldn’t be able to pressure defendants to surrender their free speech rights this way,' Volokh wrote." - Michels

Check out the entire article in the Texas Observer here.

Count on the Big Bend Courier to print the truth about events in Alpine and the Big Bend region.



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